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Like most business owners, you know you need to be on social media, but you’re struggling with how to use it.

Even if you’re already on Facebook, Twitter, and other networks, learning how to make those social channels work for your business is tough.

Here’s the thing — it can be done, and your audience is at full attention. Most Americans spend three or more hours a day using social media. As a culture, we’re obsessed with being social.

Twitter drives TV, and social support is the new customer support — it allows you to listen to what your customers really want.

When it comes to design, it may not always seem sexy, but we believe simplicity is paramount to success. Contact us via email sales AT or give us a call @ 574-401-8468A Wise Man
Don’t you need to be where your audience is, regardless of where they’re at? It’s time to get social.

Unpaid social media is replacing traditional local newspapers, television networks and radio stations by the day.

Here’s the secret: paid social media advertising has become most untapped, affordable and effective advertising money can buy.

But diving into the world of social media is scary for businesses small and large.

Naturally, you’re passionate about your products or services. But do you know the language your customers use online?

Do you really know what it takes to get them interested in what you have to say? To get them engaged and convert them into buyers?

Most importantly, do you have the staff or time to manage this yourself?

If you’ve come this far, you’ve probably realized that developing a successful social presence isn’t as easy as finding the youngest person on your staff or asking your best friend’s kid to post some stuff on Facebook or Twitter for you.

After all, 99% of organic social media posts receive little to no engagement. Making social media work for you takes strategy and discipline.

That’s what we’re here for. We are Social Buzz Me — the ones who deliver results that pay you back.

We focus on growing awareness, generating leads and engaging your customers using social tools like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, Houzz and blogs — and the list changes and grows every day.
We love being social, and can help you with all sorts of business-boosting strategies.

Media monitoring and reputation management: We’ll make sure people are saying great things about your business on sites like Facebook (and we’ll do damage control if they aren’t.)

Social networking: Build a network of followers for your business and constantly engage them with interesting news and promotions

Video and photo sharing: Promote anything about your business that is visually appealing, and add videos on the world’s second-most popular search engine, YouTube

Tweeting and micro-blogging: Build lists of followers, target specific conversations, respond to customers and attract new ones

Our social media fanatics are trained in every aspect of the latest strategies to get your business message in front of your audience.

While we’re focusing on building your social following, you can focus on running your business.

Our team will interact with your customers, answer their questions and make sure your business is always in the right place. We’ll turn new fans into more customers and existing fans into more repeat and referral sales

We tailor our approach to your business growth goals. Are you you ready to increase brand awareness, improve customer communication, generate more leads and sell more of your products and services? We can help you do all of that — even while you’re closed.

So leave the tech jargon and buzzwords to us. We’ll take care of the talking, heavy lifting and selling on social media so you can grow your business.

Contact us via email sales AT or give us a call @ 574-401-8468