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Common Questions About Our Services

What Is A Citation On A Business Directory?

Citations are important for many reasons, such as identifying the location and contact details of a business. A citation will typically include at least three pieces of information: name or logo; address (including zip code); phone number. In addition there might be photos on their website that show what they specialize in doing - this is just one example!

Why Are Citations Important For Local SEO?

Citation building is an important part of local search ranking. If your business information appears consistently across the web, it has a higher chance to rank well in Google's eyes too!

Google is an excellent resource for finding information, but it's important to make sure the web site you're looking at matches up with what Google knows. If they find any discrepancies or errors in your business profile - which can easily happen if people don't keep their profiles updated- then there could be consequences!

A little something called "Google Business Profile" helps us all stay accountable when dealing directly with customers and potential clients via social media platforms like Facebook...or even more conveniently online through websites such as Yelp!. Whether searching on mobile device or on your desktop.

What if I have more questions?

We’d be happy to answer them. Go ahead and schedule a complimentary consultation with us and we’ll make sure we get all of your questions answered then.

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We design and build great-looking WordPress websites. Before you decide to spend marketing dollars driving traffic to your website it is absolutely crucial that your website is well-branded, has a clean, professional design and makes a great first impression on its visitors. It all starts here.

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