PowerTweet - PowerTweet
Over a billion tweets get sent over Twitter in the next few days days. Out of all of those tweets, only a small amount of those tweets garner any great attention and maybe even go viral in the process. Most peoples tweets only live half-lives for a relatively short period of time.

PowerTweets (#powertweets)are those tweets that do attract the biggest attention and spread far and wide and possibly go viral on Twitter.Power tweets are crafted in such a genius way that they are optimized for retweets, favorites (hearts), and interaction with followers. Some people in your audience will practically feel obligated to share one of your power tweets, or have no problem interacting with you after reading your power tweet. In order for a power tweet to spread, there must be a foundation behind the tweet. Certain components go beyond the 140 characters you have to play with go into how far a powertweet will spread.Making a successful power tweet is not as hard as it sounds. You don’t need millions of followers.Just have these vital elements:

Popularity can be a factor to getting lots of retweets to have a power tweet, but you don’t need millions of followers to get high numbers of retweets and capitalize on a successful powertweet

#1: A Message Worth
the Attention

#2: The Right Character Count of 70-100 Characters

#3:Attention Grabbing Pictures and Images

#4: Use The Right Hashtags At The Right Frequency – Dont over do it

#5: Relationships Built In Advance – Take time to know your audience

#6: Secrets sauce is YOU! Are you the type of person who others would want to retweet?